Vermont Code Camp 2017

I recently had the opportunity to speak at the 2017 Vermont Code Camp (VTCC). The first three (or four?) of these I was still living in BTV, and was able to attend. By the third VTCC I began mulling over doing a talk concerning Qt (Widgets) for desktop application development, but before long I had moved down to Boston, and never submitted it. After four years living the stealth-mode startup lifestyle, I got a bit stir crazy and went looking for ways to get out in public to talk about the stuff we’ve been working on. VTCC represented a chance to speak on technical topics, but also a great excuse to drive up to Vermont for a weekend in the fall! The talk proposal for 2017 went something like…

Using the Ubuntu GNU/Linux distribution and Qt application framework, we will demonstrate a theoretical app platform for an IIoT device. This theoretical app platform will be modeled after production systems using open source software in the automotive and medical industries. We’ll explore the rationale for creating such a platform, then briefly introduce the Qt application framework, and create an example app from scratch. Finally, we will package and deploy this app to our theoretical device for a live demo.

Within the crazy, hair pulling breadth of scope of what we create at work, a modest portion is creating an app platform. Compared to some other things we work on, it’s a topic that’s easier to ramp up to and concretely demonstrate in a single sitting, making it a perfect candidate for my VTCC talk. Time allowing, I’d like to expand the technical slides into a series of blog posts introducing folks to things like programming in Qt Quick.

The demo code, little as there is, for the system UI and demo application can (soon) be found at my VTCC 2017 GitHub repo. I’ll expand on how to setup a dev / production environment in the coming weeks.

One last thing, I’m very happy to announce that not only have I been working on the aforementioned VTCC talk, but I will be speaking at the Qt World Summit in Berlin, Germany! More on that soon.