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  • VTCC 2017 Followup

    I intended to followup my Vermont Code Camp 2017 post within a matter of weeks, but here we are nearly two years later. The talk covered it’s topic in the broadest of strokes in the briefest amount of time. Writing a technical post at any acceptable level of detail was just too intimidating. Throw in the inevitable “things got busy at work”, and suddenly it’s the summer of 2019. Such a post would have begun with the basics, an introduction to Qt framework and Qt Quick.

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  • Rumors of Marzipan

    Late last year, Bloomberg published a rumor that Apple was working on a new cross-platform application framework. This rumor was later confirmed by Apple at WWDC, and announced to be arriving to macOS Mojave in the form of ported iOS apps such as News, Stocks, and Voice Memos. Though initially misunderstood as a merge of the two platforms and app ecosystems, we now understand it to be a unification of the underlying frameworks used by developers to create their apps.

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  • CMake, Qbs, and Qt

    Last week, Qt Company announced they were deprecating Qbs, and in its place would begin focusing their efforts on CMake support. It must have been a difficult call to make; a lot of time and effort has been invested into Qbs over the past 6+ years: design, implementation, support, and Qt Creator integration among others. Not to mention, any teams out there who may have invested their own time and energy into creating projects with Qbs.

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  • Building DDS Applications with CMake

    Previously we modified the example application published on Qt Company’s blog to build on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS. We then migrated the examples from RTI’s Traditional C++ API to the newer Modern C++ API. I’ll scratch one more itch, making use of Modern CMake to build the DDS blog examples. CMake is an open-source, cross-platform family of tools designed to build, test and package software (https://cmake.org). Qt has excellent support for CMake, although a few holes in the documentation can make adoption a bit challenging (Presenting an opportunity for future blog posts on the topic!

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  • Qt and RTI Modern C++

    Previously we modified the example application published on Qt Company’s blog to build on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS. Next, we will show what I believe to be an improved implementation using RTI Connext Modern C++. Although this example features RTI’s commercial implementation of DDS, both the API and on-the-wire representation of data are specified by OMG standards. The former as DDS (Data Distribution Service), the latter RTPS (Real Time Publish Subscribe).

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  • Bridging Qt to DDS

    Qt Company has been publishing an Automation blog series on the various protocols that can bring Qt applications into the world of IoT. Of interest to me, they published a blog demonstrating Qt applications publishing and subscribing sensor data. I’d like to expand on this example, having done prior work integrating Qt and DDS. I’ve forked the GitHub project, and will document the various changes I make. Beginning with the basics: getting the project compiled and running.

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  • Moving To Gitlab

    Microsoft dropped a bit of news earlier this past week, when they announced their $7.5B acquisition of GitHub. It’s been fascinating to watch the company whose CEO once called open-source a cancer embrace Linux and open-source more generally. Between LinkedIn and GitHub, they’ve bought access to an entire generation of programmers who never would’ve even glanced at Visual Studio or .Net. Those old enough to remember 90’s era open source will no doubt recall that “embrace” is but merely step one of a more complete strategy, so a little skepticism can be forgiven.

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  • micro.blog

    Hello micro.blog! This is a test to see if an appropriately micro-sized post will appear in full in my micro.blog feed. Not quite ready to publish and maintain a separate feed yet. This also marks my first post using GitLab Pages, so fingers crossed.

  • Building an HMI for the Medical IoT

    I’m glad to say that I was completely wrong about when / how the Qt World Summit videos would be made available. Mere weeks after the event ended, we have complete technical sessions publicly available for viewing on YouTube! Recordings of the keynote speakers are up as well, I recommend giving both Igor and Linda’s talks a watch. Viewing the recording now, with a few week’s distance, I’m happy overall with the content, pacing, and general vibe of the talk.

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  • Qt World Summit 2017

    This past week I attended Qt World Summit in Berlin, an annual event bringing together folks using the Qt framework; three days of sessions covering technical and business topics. I first attended in 2009, back when it was called Qt Developer Days, then again in 2010, 2012, and 2016. All four times were in San Fransisco, making this one particularly special. It’s been heartening to see the event grow in attendance over the years, alongside an increasing breadth of topics and depth of content.

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