Qt World Summit 2017

This past week I attended Qt World Summit in Berlin, an annual event bringing together folks using the Qt framework; three days of sessions covering technical and business topics. I first attended in 2009, back when it was called Qt Developer Days, then again in 2010, 2012, and 2016. All four times were in San Fransisco, making this one particularly special. It’s been heartening to see the event grow in attendance over the years, alongside an increasing breadth of topics and depth of content. Back in 2009 Qt was primarily seen as a desktop application framework, though the then-recent acquistion of Trolltech by Nokia was a sign of change to come. In contrast, last week’s event brought together folks working on mobile apps, automotive dashboards, manufacturing equipment, medical devices, game engines, home automation (IoT), and virtual reality.

My own contribution to this event came in the form of a talk on Building a Human Machine Interface for the Medical IoT. Enough folks submitted talk abstracts for Qt in medical that we effectively got our own session track in room A05 on the second day. It was great to have an audience of folks already invested in the medical space, and at least from my view up front the talk seemed well received. The talk covered the basics of the medical IoT platform we’re creating, and into all the ways we’re using Qt to create clinical apps for the Hospital, as well as how we’re extending the framework to support novel features.

I’ll embed video of the talk as soon as it’s available, though if past precedent is any indication the video will be behind a login on Qt Company’s website at first, and published to YouTube sometime next fall. For now, I’ve uploaded the slide deck for your edification. My thanks to DocBox for sponsoring the trip out to Berlin, and my wife for lending me out for the week.