Building an HMI for the Medical IoT

I’m glad to say that I was completely wrong about when / how the Qt World Summit videos would be made available. Mere weeks after the event ended, we have complete technical sessions publicly available for viewing on YouTube! Recordings of the keynote speakers are up as well, I recommend giving both Igor and Linda’s talks a watch.

Viewing the recording now, with a few week’s distance, I’m happy overall with the content, pacing, and general vibe of the talk. Some other technical sessions ran past their allotted time, with far less meat. I pretty much nailed the time limit, letting people out early for afternoon coffee and snacks. There’s a few too many “ums” and “ahs” for my taste (one being too many), though I suspect it’s not unusual to dislike listening to / watching yourself speak.

As we get further into development of this product, I hope to find more opportunities to speak publicly about all the stuff we’re working on. The scope of our ambitions far exceeds the constraints of a 30 minute talk. Though I wouldn’t mind taking a second crack at this talk at some point in the future!