A pleasing arrangement of vowels and consonants.

  • VTCC 2017 Followup

    I intended to followup my Vermont Code Camp 2017 post within a matter of weeks, but here we are nearly two years later. The talk covered it’s topic in the broadest of strokes in the briefest amount of time.

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  • Rumors of Marzipan

    Late last year, Bloomberg published a rumor that Apple was working on a new cross-platform application framework. This rumor was later confirmed by Apple at WWDC, and announced to be arriving to macOS Mojave in the form of ported iOS apps such as News, Stocks, and Voice Memos.

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  • CMake, Qbs, and Qt

    Last week, Qt Company announced they were deprecating Qbs, and in its place would begin focusing their efforts on CMake support. It must have been a difficult call to make; a lot of time and effort has been invested into Qbs over the past 6+ years: design, implementation, support, and Qt Creator integration among others.

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