Yet Another Hugo Theme

Does anyone else find themselves checking in on their (admittedly inactive) blog once a year, and discovering the theme no longer works? This blog previously used Cocoa, then Kiera, then a fork of Kiera, all of which seemingly succumed to bitrot.

The blog now uses Cactus, and it’s easily my favorite of the themes used to date. I’m loving the default CSS in dark mode. There’s nothing worse than a mostly-text web page absolutely blasting your retinas with a white background at 600 nits (depending on your phone of choice).

A couple days ago it seemed like GitLab was getting ready to delete inactive repos, but then changed their mind. According to The Register, “such projects account for up to a quarter of GitLab’s hosting costs”, which sounds wild. I suppose we’ll know more about GitLab’s financial health when they announce Q2 results on Sept 6th. Hopefully this was more of a proactive “better to ask for forgiveness than permission” than a tourniquet.