First Post

Typical of Saturday, my memories of the morning are a bit fuzzy. Without the crutch of a screaming alarm clock, a safe routine to get myself into a nice pair of pants, in my car and on the way to work, the hours before 10am are a loss. The evidence suggests I got myself out of bed, covered myself in the bare minimum quantity / quality of clothing required to stand near a window, and brewed a cup of coffee. The caffeine worked it’s chemical magic and thrust me into awareness, but it was too late: I had created a blog?

Unprepared though I was for this new responsibility, I’m pleased to have a home for posts the length of that last paragraph. In the past, when searching for assistance on programming issues, successful results have come either from Stack Overflow or (in the case of relatively niche topics) someone’s personal blog. In the latter case, it’s a relief to find both a fellow sufferer and a documented solution. My intent is to write at semi-length on development topics, and or projects I’m working on. Hopefully providing some small relief to others, up late googling solutions to a thorny technical problem. The thought of attempting this on social network X immediately produces imagined nightmare scenarios in which half my college acquaintances un-friend me, in fear and confusion, as their feed fills with incomprehensible, geeky, arcane nonsense.

Terms and Conditions are as follows. The reader (henceforth known as ‘YOU’) shall read, as time and interest permits, this blog. The writer (henceforth known as ‘ME’) will limit updates to meaningful content, always run spell check prior to clicking ‘Publish’, and refrain from the posting of novelty photography (henceforth known as ‘INSTAGRAMS’). We hope you enjoy your Zesty Meta blog experience!