Jereme Givens-Lamothe

ZestyMeta: A pleasing arrangement of vowels and consonants.

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Jereme Givens-Lamothe is a Senior Software Engineer, with over 10 years of experience writing software in Qt / C++.

Previous work experience includes writing an EMR for independent pediatric practices, as well as creating the first commercial implementation of the Integrated Clinical Environment (ASTM F2761-09); a standard enabling medical device interoperability, and the creation of clinical applications for the medical IoT.

Professionally a Qt / C++ developer by day, and a hobbyist with Apple technology and frameworks by night. All opinions are my own, but maybe you’ll share them someday.

ZestyMeta is a personal blog, and is built with Hugo—a static site generator made with Go. It uses the cocoa theme. All posts are written in Markdown.